Special Miche Bag Bundle Discounts

Miche Bag August 2011 Releases

Did you know that you can save even more by buying Miche Bag bundles? We offer a variety of bundle discounts that are sure to fit your lifestyle and taste! Our current Miche bundle promotions are:  

Miche Petite (Mini) Getting-Started Bundle:

1 Mini Base +

2 mini shells

You Save: $3.90!


Miche Classic Getting-Started Bundle:

1 Classic Base +

2 Classic Shells

You Save: $4.90!


Miche Demi Getting-Started Bundle:

1 Demi Base +

2 Demi Shells

 You Save: $9.90!

Miche Bag Prima (Big Bag) Getting-Started Bundle:

1 Prima Base +

2 Prima Signature Shells

You Save: $9.90!


To take advantage of these great Miche bundle deals, just visit our Miche Bag Store! Please note that sale items are excluded from Miche bundle discounts.