Introducing the All New VERSA Interchangeable Handbags From Magnolia and Vine!

The long awaited return of the interchangeable handbag concept from Magnolia and Vine that was formerly Miche Handbags, is AVAILABLE NOW! The all new VERSA interchangeable handbags from Magnolia and Vine are absolutely stunning! The design of these new bags makes changing the look of your bag even easier!

Needless to say, if you liked Miche Handbags, you are absolutely going fall in LOVE with the VERSA collection from Magnolia and Vine! This is all in addition to the GORGEOUS snap jewelry and accessories available from Magnolia and Vine!

Be sure to visit my online store for all the amazing products available!

Sneak Peek of the New VERSA Handbags From Magnolia and Vine

If you Liked Miche Handbags, You'll Fall LOVE With VERSA from Magnolia and Vine!

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